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Request Tryout at CAK


CAK will host one last open session for new players to attend. TUESDAY, June 12th at our home training facility at the Hall of Fame Village turf fields. All players should arrive by 6pm. 

Still time to register! Click here.

  • CAK administrative staff ensures an organized team and information so everyone has a complete schedule and list of events well in advance. 
  • CAK teams train and play at the best facilities in the area. 
  • CAK coaching staff is the largest and most extensive in the region. 
  • CAK offers complete soccer programming for many local communities in the the Canton and Akron area. 
  • CAK provides individual skills training, advanced tactical development, tournament competition, Bayern Munich international camp and GPS national team opportunities, and more!
  • Want more than just a team to play on??? Join us today!!!

Why Choose CAK?

CAK has been the first and continues to be the leader in club-wide developmental programming in the Canton and Akron AREA.

  • From age 4 through high school, teams will train and play with the same style, organization and professionalism.
  • Along with our partner GPS, our coaches apply a structured age-appropriate training program that develops creative, technical and tactical soccer players that are encouraged to be problem solvers above all else.
  • CAK has teams for boys and girls from beginner to elite premier at all ages!
  • CAK is a non-profit organization and community based which keeps costs to a minimum.
  • The coaching staff are all licensed and most also work with many area high school programs. It is the largest coaching staff in the region.
  • CAK teams train and play locally at some of the top facilities in the state that are also convenience for all to get to! Check our our list of indoor and outdoor facilities here.

CAK coaching staff are educators first.

  • The same principles that guide learning the classroom are replicated on the training grounds.
  • CAK coaches are experienced and professionally licensed beyond minimum standards, that regularly participate in professional development as well as club standards.

CAK has a proven pathway from academy to major collegiate soccer placement and beyond.

  • CAK is the main feeder to many successful, top-ranked high school teams in the region and state. Many CAK players, past and present, have been decorated with league, district and all-state honors.
  • CAK has also graduated players into USA national team residency, professional academies and collegiate programs across all divisions, including Akron, BGSU, Cleveland State, Walsh, Malone, and more!

Extra opportunities for advanced placement.

  • CAK's elite premier teams play at the top regional leagues and tournaments.
  • With our partner GPS, CAK players have the chance to be selected to regional and national ID camps as well as selection to national teams to play in top national and international tournaments.
  • CAK players also may be identified to travel and play with the best in the world for free through the FC Bayern identification program
  • Collegiate placement program for the high school CAK players.
  • Extra camps, skills classes and more!

Youth Academy Registration

CAK offers three convenient locations for local programming for our youngest boys and girls. 

Click here for more information at to register.