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Premier Soccer Program

Welcome to Canton Akron Soccer Club. The Premier Program is the first stepping stone to the highest level of competition for any player between the ages of 9 years old to 14 years old male or female. The players are coached by CAK’s highly licensed Professional Coaches. Players will receive more than 100 professionally coached sessions a year.

In a year, the Premier Program has three seasons, the spring and the fall seasons as well as winter/indoor.

Premier Program Age Group Matrix CLICK HERE

CAK offers a highly competitive youth premier program that competes in the Ohio State league, MRL and tournaments throughout the region. 

Canton Akron Soccer Club typically has two teams at the Premier Level, Blue and White. Blue is the 1st team and White the 2nd. The level which the teams play is determined on the teams overall level. Blue typically plays in the 1st division of the Ohio North State League and the White team plays in the 2nd division.

We aim to develop every player on and off the field. Canton Akron SC professional coaches focus on including life lessons during the season and help the players grow up in a positive environment. Sport has a truly unique quality which allows players to understand life lessons from a different view.

For a player to truly excel in their own development Inspiration must burn from within. Canton Akron SC strives daily to keep this flame strong and help it grow bigger.

It is recognized that to achieve big goals smaller goals are needed to keep motivation high. Here at Canton Akron SC bite sized goals and realistic goals are given continuously. For younger players this is really essential, as attention and task focus is hard to keep.