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High School

Welcome to Canton Soccer Club. The CAK High School Program seeks to provide an organized, meaningful, and exciting soccer experience for each of our high school age players and teams. We realize that each team will have different goals and means to reach those goals. For some players and teams, more significant out-of-state competition and traveling will be desired. For others, individual and team goals may be to improve individual technical skills and to be competitive in Ohio. The CAK Director of Coaching will work with the Head Coaches to develop an appropriate season plan for each team.

CAK teams will seek to compete at both a state and regional level. When appropriate and desired, Canton Akron SC will assist and support each player as he/she begins to identify and potentially select possible college soccer programs. Canton Akron SC supports strong academic achievement for high school players, including those students seeking future college-level soccer opportunities.

Players are expected to have strong technical skills previously covered in youth level soccer. U-15 through U-18 coaches will evaluate these technical skills immediately upon forming teams and determine an adequate training schedule to master all technical skills appropriate for competitive high school level soccer players.

New for 2017-2018

The CAK high school program is being modified for the 2017-2018 winter through spring period.  Our modifications from prior years have been made after careful consultation with our senior coaching staff.  Our goal continues to be to offer an excellent player environment which fosters continuous player development and growth.  Summary of key changes are:

  • We will be offering Premier White, Premier Blue and MRL levels (we will be combining “Select” with our Premier White program)
  • Our winter training venue has been expanded to a full field indoor turf venue to support the continual advancement in the level of our play and style (Massillon Field House)
  • We will be replacing indoor league play with friendlies against other clubs along with intra-club matches
  • Our spring training goal is to train outdoors as soon as the weather permits (full field – turf and grass)
  • There will be a core programming fee which all high school players will pay when they register
  • Additional fees will be invoiced for players assigned to Premier Blue and MRL along with all tournaments

Friendlies - Winter

As mentioned in prior years, we are consciously keeping our teams local during the winter time-frame.  Although we realize there are leagues an hour away with strong competition, we also value each family’s work-life-balance.  As for local leagues, we currently feel that the “friendlies” format we are offering will allow for a better player development than what the smaller field sizes with boards offer. Our coaches have taken many factors into consideration and feel that they can accomplish the various needs of the high school program ahead of the outdoor season.  Similar to prior years, what this means is that the various CAK teams will be competing against each other in a “friendlies” format ahead of spring league play.

League Play - Spring

  • MRL teams – Midwest Regional League
  • Premier Blue – State League
  • Premier White – State League and GAASA